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Accessory WEILOR Carbon Filter Kit WCF 04


Material: Plastic + Activated Carbon
Amount in a package. pcs: 2
Suitable for models: PBS 52300 GLASS BG 1000 LEDStrip
Dimensions without packaging (HxWxD). cm: Ø 16.2
Net weight. kg: 0.15
Producing country: PRC

The WEILOR charcoal filter is a very important component for removing unpleasant odors and recirculating air in your kitchen.

Thanks to its absorbent property, when you turn on the hood for an additional couple of minutes after cooking, you will be able to maintain performance and extend the life of your hood.

Tags: Accessory, WEILOR, Carbon Filter Kit, WCF 04

Specifications Accessory WEILOR Carbon Filter Kit WCF 04
Main characteristics
Dimensions and mounting dimensions
Dimensions without packaging (HxWxD). cm Ø 16.2
Net weight. kg 0.15
Additional description
Amount in a package. pcs 2
Suitable for models PBS 52300 GLASS BG 1000 LEDStrip
Producing country PRC
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