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Oven Accessories

Model: 0710167
Additional characteristics: Level 1 (left rail + right rail) Installation method: Side Material: Stainless steel
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Oven Accessories

Oven Accessories — The perfect complement to the basic kit. This type of kitchen utensil includes: baking sheet, wire rack, pan holder and much more.

Types of accessories for the oven

A baking sheet is an oversized continuous sheet with sides, which is coated with a specialized non-stick coating or made of specialized heat-resistant glass. It can easily bake meat or fish, as well as prepare puff pastries or pie. There is an incredibly wide variety of baking trays in form, material and purpose. They are: rectangular, round, square, oval, perforated or with a grill surface; with low sides or high; aluminum, enameled, silicone and glass; with non-stick, granite or marble coating. To understand what kind of baking sheet is suitable for your oven, you need to find out the dimensions of the inside of the oven and its guides. If you decide to buy a baking sheet and cook something in the oven, you also need to think about the safety of your hands and look at the product that protects them — potholders, towels and mittens.

Also a useful attribute and addition for the oven will be - the grill. They have the highest refractory and fire-fighting characteristics, so they are well suited for any oven. Lattices are suitable for easy and quick baking of mushrooms and vegetables directly in the peel (potatoes, eggplant, beets, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes). Meat kebabs are also easy to cook on a wire rack: meat must be strung on wooden skewers and put directly in a preheated oven directly onto the wire rack, turning over from time to time. And the baking sheet must be set down so that it serves as a tray for fat and juice.

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