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Kitchen textiles

Accessory Minola Towel 009
Model: 0710059
Material: mahraColor: BlueSpecial features: the presence of a border
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Accessory Perfelli Apron 010
Model: 0710060
Color: RedSpecial features: the presence of a pocket. lateral long ties. which adjust the width of the apronFiller: not
223.00 грн
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Accessory Perfelli Mitt 012
Model: 0710062
Color: RedSpecial features: the presence of a loopFiller: silicone
106.00 грн
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Accessory Perfelli Tack 011
Model: 0710061
Color: RedSpecial features: the presence of a loopFiller: silicone
70.00 грн
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Kitchen textiles

Kitchen textiles — quality and simplicity, everything you need for your kitchen. Every housewife wants to simplify and secure the preparation of her favorite dish. Indispensable helpers will help you with this: an apron, a potholder, a kitchen towel and a mitten.

Selection of kitchen textiles

The presented textiles in our online store are universal. It differs from other analogues in its strength, long operating period and increased moisture absorption. Products manufactured under our brands are ecological, aesthetic and practical. We want to tell a little more about our products.

Let's start with the apron. This item of kitchen textiles should, first of all, protect outer clothing from soot, splashes and other contaminants during cooking. It also has an important detail, like a pocket, which will be very useful for the hostess during cooking.

No less important attributes for the hostess will be a tack and mitten, because during the preparation of the dish you will need to remove it from the stove or pull it out of the oven.

And also the main assistant in the kitchen will be - a kitchen towel. It is made of high quality materials and in modern fashion trends. Completely environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

All these small attributes will bring a lot of aesthetic and moral pleasure during the preparation of culinary masterpieces.