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Accessory Perfelli Mitt 012

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Accessory Perfelli Mitt 012

Color Red
Special features: the presence of a loop
Filler: silicone
Density: 230 g / m2
Compositions: 100% Polyester
Cloth: gabardine

Kitchen textiles are not just a practical and functional attribute, but also a decorative element that should bring comfort and aesthetics to your kitchen. After all, every culinary master or even just a beginner knows that correctly selected textiles contribute to a good mood while cooking your favorite dish.

Branded mitten with embroidery, fabric: gabardine, composition: 100% - polyester, density: 230 g / m2, filler: silicone, color: red with black edging, product size: 27, 5x 21 cm.

Tags: Perfelli, Accessories, Kitchen textiles

Specifications Accessory Perfelli Mitt 012
Main characteristics
Color Red
Cloth gabardine
Filler silicone
Compositions 100% Polyester
Additional description
Special features the presence of a loop
Density 230 g / m2
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