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Встраиваемая микроволновая печь 0870001

Встраиваемая микроволновая печь 0870001
Встраиваемая микроволновая печь 0870001
  • Brands Perfelli
  • Product Code: 0870001
  • Ean: 5902767158305
  • Sku: Perfelli BM 255 BIX
  • Availability: In Stock
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Антибактериальное покрытие: Есть
Габариты внутренней камеры (ШхВхГ), см: 33х22х33
Габариты ниши для встраивания (ШхВхГ), см: 51х28х36.5
Гарантия, мес: 12
Мощность гриля, Вт: 1200
Мощность комби, Вт: 1400

Non-rotating cooking and 3D heating

Built-in microwave oven Perfelli BM 255 BIX has a wonderful look, combining high functionality and stylish modern design. Thanks to the system of even distribution of microwaves, it evenly heats food without using the turntable.

The model provides real 3D heating, preserving vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in food, but consuming a minimum of energy. These are innovative technologies that have been developed for your kitchen.

Spacious inner chamber and bioceramic coating

In the large internal chamber with a volume of 25 liters, the products are not placed on a rotating plate, but on a stationary bioceramic plate. This allows you to microwave food in any shape or large enough size.

Cooking modes and additional functions

There are six preinstalled programs at your disposal:

  1. Conventional cooking is used to quickly heat food and drinks.
  2. Microwave cooking with five power levels allows you to cook any meal.
  3. Defrosting allows you to defrost food quickly and easily.
  4. Function for automatic defrosting by product weight.
  5. Grill program, which has two power levels to choose from. During cooking in this mode, the oven beeps when it is time to turn the food over. This ensures uniform roasting of the dish, as well as a tasty crispy crust of a pleasant golden color. The supplied grill grate is ideal for cooking with this function.
  6. The hostess can also use the "Combi" mode in two versions of different power, which gives even more possibilities in cooking.

The microwave oven is equipped with such necessary and convenient functions as: clock, child lock, and a timer up to 60 minutes. Set the desired cooking time and go about your business, and the device will notify you with a sound signal when the dish is ready.

The control menu is clear and simple even for an inexperienced user.

Ease of care

The absence of a turntable provides a perfectly flat surface of the microwave's inner chamber. That is why dirt and grease will not accumulate on it, and the care of the device will be as easy as possible.

Layout and design

The compact size of the device will allow you to install this microwave oven even in the top wall cabinet. This opens up new possibilities for organizing space in your kitchen.

The design of the front panel of the microwave Perfelli BM 255 BIX is made using stainless steel and black tempered glass. This ideal combination of materials is the key to the strength, reliability and durability of the structure. In addition, it has a pleasant appearance, goes well with other household devices, can create a contrast with light-colored furniture, or ideally complement a dark interior, like an important piece of a puzzle.

In addition, tempered glass is characterized by high resistance to temperature extremes and mechanical stress. It is also much safer than regular glass.

Touch control and door open button

State-of-the-art touch controls with a blue backlit LED display add the finishing touch to the perfect look of the Perfelli BM 255 BIX .

The automatic door opener button allows you to access the microwave oven chamber with one light movement of your hand.

Package contents

The included grill grate makes it possible to bake two dishes at the same time on different levels. The signature microwave recipe book and six muffin tins are a welcome addition.

Each time you interact with your microwave oven, you will feel that it is not only a functional device, but also a real decoration of your kitchen.

Specifications Встраиваемая микроволновая печь 0870001
Main characteristics
Type Встраиваемая микроволновая печь
Control panel material Закаленное стекло
Type of grill Кварцевый
Number of power levels 5
Functional Features
Display Есть
Functions Быстрый старт Защита от детей (блокировка устройства) Звуковой сигнал (зумер) Отсрочка старта (таймер) Часы
Additional description
Equipment Гарантийный талон Инструкция Книга рецептов Решетка-гриль Формы для кексов 6 шт Шнур с вилкой
Producing country Польша
Антибактериальное покрытие Есть
Габариты внутренней камеры (ШхВхГ), см 33х22х33
Габариты ниши для встраивания (ШхВхГ), см 51х28х36.5
Гарантия, мес 12
Мощность гриля, Вт 1200
Мощность комби, Вт 1400
Мощность СВЧ, Вт 900
Объем, л 25
Подсветка внутренней камеры Есть
Покрытие внутренней камеры Нержавеющая сталь с биокерамическим поддоном
Программы 2 режима Гриля 2 режима Комби Автоматический разогрев Автоматическое приготовление Авторазмораживание (быстрая разморозка) Быстрый разогрев Приготовление на гриле (Рожен) Размораживание по весу
Страна регистрации бренда Польша
Тип открывания дверцы Кнопкой
Тип разогрева Без поворотного стола
Язык меню Украинский
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