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How to choose a built-in kitchen panel?

After you have decided on the appropriate type of hob, you need to determine for yourself these selection parameters:

  1. Size. It depends on user needs and kitchen space capabilities. Small modular surfaces occupy a minimum of the width of the working surface - from 30 centimeters. Standard hobs are available in widths from 45 cm to 60 cm. Panels with a width of 90 cm are only suitable for spacious kitchens.
  2. Control method and switches. There are 4 types of switches. Depending on the type of switch, the following types of surface control are distinguished:

    • Rotary presented in the form of manual handles. They are used in gas panels, less often in electric ones.
    • The recessed switches are rotated manually, after which they are recessed inward. This solution simplifies the cleaning process and protects against children's hands.
    • Button. Presented in the form of buttons responsible for indicating useful properties.
    • Sensory. Modern version of the switches. Touch buttons work from one touch and are highlighted to avoid errors in setting parameters. The smooth surface of the hob provides a stylish appearance and easy cleaning from contamination. 

Benefits of integrated hob

Buyers prefer the built-in kitchen appliances, given its compactness, unpretentiousness in care and attractive appearance. Built-in hobs fit well into the interior and concept of the kitchen. It is built into a single countertop that covers kitchen cabinets and bedside tables.

The main advantage of the hob is that it is chosen individually for the design and needs. In addition, they can be installed generally anywhere, even on the other side of the oven.

Varieties of hob

Among the variety of built-in hobs there are five varieties:

  • Built-in gas hob. The gas kitchen panel does not lose relevance and is still popular among buyers. The device works from gas burners of different power and type. It hosts two to five burners. Gas panels attract efficiency. If the house or apartment is connected to the gas supply, it is more profitable to use gas equipment. Among the advantages also distinguish a long service life, such devices last up to 35-40 years, sometimes even longer. Also a great advantage is the variety of work surface material. They can be stainless steel and enameled metal or tempered glass. Another advantage is the productivity of work and cooking, they rather heat the bottom of the dishes, reduces cooking time. As for the functionality, they are inferior to other models. Of the options they have gas control and electric ignition.
  • Electric. Some buildings and new buildings in residential complexes do not provide gas supply. In such houses, electric built-in hobs are the only solution. Electrical modifications - a modern and safe to use version of kitchen appliances. They differ in simple leaving as the flat surface is easily and quickly cleared. The electrical panel has temperature control, which allows you to set the temperature indicator with an accuracy of 1-2 degrees.
  • Combined. A great option for those who find it difficult to decide on the appropriate type of device. Combined appliances are made with electric and gas burners. This solution allows you to use the appropriate power source at the right time. For example, when the electricity is turned off, a gas burner is used or vice versa.
  • Modular or domino. Modular devices will help to independently organize an ideal, appropriate work surface. They include several types of devices: double boiler, grill or even deep fryers. Used modules are formed into one hob and are built into the countertop. With the help of such equipment, housewives create a professional working panel for cooking. Modular parts are made in the same style with dimensions of 50x30 cm.
  • Induction. The heater of such a panel is an induction coil that creates an electromagnetic field. The peculiarity of this surface is that only the bottom of the pan or pan is heated, the surface remains cold at the same time. It should be noted the safety of using induction models - a cold heater prevents burns associated with touching a hot surface. The heating element is activated after dishes hit it, therefore, cases with an accidental inclusion of the stove are reduced to zero. As for the care of the device, it is not recommended to use strong substances and agents. The flaws of induction cookers include only the limited choice of dishes. For such equipment, they buy special magnetic dishes made of cast iron or enameled steel.