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Combined Surfaces

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Surface type: Combined Width, cm: 60 Color: Black
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Combined Surfaces

Combined surface — It is the standard of convenience and simplicity. There are several popular panel materials that are used in a wide range: stainless steel, enameled metal and tempered glass.

Why you should buy a combined surface

The most common material of the above, perhaps, is stainless steel. Extremely durable and non-corrosive during frequent use. This type of model requires special care with detergents that do not contain abrasive substances, as well as using only soft sponges or rags for washing.

Enamelled metal surfaces are also a popular but cheaper option. They are convenient and practical, but may be subject to mechanical damage during cooking. 

More functional types among these three types are models with tempered glass surface material. They have rich functionality, as well as very durable, although at first glance it does not seem so. Basically, such models are equipped with touch controls, which gives their appearance an additional sophistication. 

Such surfaces will help to save a working space, and are also useful in everyday life, where there are interruptions in electricity or unstable flow of gas.