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Induction surface WEILOR WIS 642 BS

Induction surface WEILOR WIS 642 BS

Surface type: Induction
Width. cm: 59
Color Beige
Максимальная мощность. кВт: 9.2 kW
Number of power steps: 9
Timer: Yes, for each zone


We are worried about your safety!

WEILOR hobs are equipped with a number of functions that will protect you and your family from unpleasant situations in the kitchen:

• a residual heat indicator will reduce the risk of burns. You will always know which burner is still hot and will protect yourself from accidentally touching the surface that has not yet cooled down;

• Childproofing eliminates the chance of accidentally changing settings, it does a great job if you have little researchers in your kitchen.

We think about your comfort!

You no longer need to select dishes to match the diameter of the heating zones, sit for hours in the kitchen and wait until everything is ready - just select the function you want and the WEILOR hob will do everything for you!

• The presence of a Timer with a duration of up to 99 minutes will allow programming the cooking time, and the auto-off function will automatically turn off the heating zone after a specified time.

We will make your life easier!

Smart technologies are gradually filling our life and making it much easier! WEILOR hobs will make it even easier and more worry-free!

• Slider-touch control - will allow you to adjust the degree of heating and set the timer with one touch of your finger: touch the slider and slide your finger over it until the required settings are achieved.

• Stop & Go - interrupt preparation - and restart it again - with one touch. This function allows you to pause the cooking process at the touch of a button and continue working after a while with the same settings.

• Booster mode will increase the power of the cooking zone up to 50% and, as a result, save your time! You will always quickly reheat food in the morning and significantly speed up the cooking process.

Specifications Induction surface WEILOR WIS 642 BS
Main characteristics
Surface type Induction
Width. cm 59
Color Beige
Edge design no frame
Максимальная мощность. кВт 9.2 kW
Number of power steps 9
Type of heating elements/burners Induction
Front right heating zone 160 mm 1400/2000 W
Front left heating zone 210 mm 2200/2600 W
Rear right heating zone 160 mm 1400/2000 W
Rear left heating zone 210 mm 2200/2600 W
United zones Not
Network voltage. AT 220-240
Network frequency. Hz 50-60
Functional Features
Timer Yes, for each zone
Display Not
Auto power off Yes
Residual heat indicator Yes
Cookware Recognition Yes
Overflow protection Not
Protection from children Yes
Turbo Booster Yes
Stop & Go function Yes
Control Panel Location Frontal
Расширенная зона на 2 конфорки Not
Dimensions and mounting dimensions
Габариты для встраивания (ШхГ), см 56x49
Dimensions without packaging (HxWxD). cm 59x5.8x52
Dimensions in the package (WxHxD). cm 65.5x12x58.3
Net weight. kg 9.6
Gross weight. kg 11
Additional description
Number of heating zones 4
Equipment instruction, installation kit
Warranty 12 months
Producing country PRC
Vendor id a3cffb2e-85db-11e8-a1f1-e0db550f8434

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