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Hob on metal Minola MGM 61626 I

Hob on metal Minola MGM 61626 I
Hob on metal Minola MGM 61626 I
  • Brands Minola
  • Product Code: Minola MGM 61626 I
  • Ean: 5902767906968
  • Sku: Minola MGM 61626 I
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Гарантия, мес: 12
Количество конфорок: 4
Количество решеток: 2
Максимальная мощность, Вт: 7600
Мощность конфорок, кВт: Передняя правая конфорка - 0.9, Передняя левая конфорка (WOK) - 3.3, Задняя правая конфорка - 1.7, Задняя левая конфорка - 1.7
Наличие WOK-конфорки: Да

Key Features

The gas surface on metal Minola MGM 61626 I harmoniously combines elegance and practicality. The model is equipped with 4 burners of different power, and its width is 60 cm.

Thanks to its versatile size, it fits easily into the kitchen worktop.

An important detail of this model is the presence of a WOK burner with two rows of flame, which allows you to cook food much faster. In addition, this hotplate is suitable for preparing Asian recipes. With this hob, you can delight loved ones with unusual dishes.

Layout and design

The hob is framed by the clear, straight lines of two cast iron grates. This material is durable and can be easily cleaned of residues after cooking. Minola MGM 61626 I steel color easily fits into the kitchen interior, complementing it and correctly placing accents.


Gas surface Minola MGM 61626 I is made of high quality food grade AISI 304 stainless steel, which is heat and corrosion resistant, its attractive and aesthetic appearance and ease of maintenance, which will appeal to any chef .


When choosing a gas hob, there are many points to consider, and one of the most important of them is safety. This model is equipped with a "gas control" function, therefore, if the flame suddenly goes out in the burner, the gas supply is automatically stopped. This security system prevents gas leaks.

In addition, automatic electric ignition is provided in the control knobs - this is convenient and safe. To light the burner, simply turn your hand. Matches and lighters that can cause burns are no longer needed.

Specifications Hob on metal Minola MGM 61626 I
Main characteristics
Surface type Газовая
Surface material Нержавеющая сталь
Grating Material Чугун
Functional Features
Control Panel Location Фронтальное
Additional description
Equipment Монтажный комплект, инструкция, микрофиша, гарантийный талон, переходник на баллонный газ
Producing country Турция
Наличие шнура питания Да
Гарантия, мес 12
Количество конфорок 4
Количество решеток 2
Максимальная мощность, Вт 7600
Мощность конфорок, кВт Передняя правая конфорка - 0.9, Передняя левая конфорка (WOK) - 3.3, Задняя правая конфорка - 1.7, Задняя левая конфорка - 1.7
Наличие WOK-конфорки Да
Наличие автоматического электроподжига Да
Наличие вилки Да
Наличие системы безопасности (газ-контроль) Да
Размеры без упаковки (ШхВхГ), cм 58х5.6х51.9
Размеры в упаковке (ШхВхГ), cм 61х17х68
Страна регистрации бренда Польша
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